Solar inverter

100kW String-type Solar Inverter EK100e specification

  • 100kw급 스트링 벽걸이형 태양광인버터
  • 100kw급 스트링 벽걸이형 태양광인버터
  • 100kw급 스트링 벽걸이형 태양광인버터
  • 100kw급 스트링 벽걸이형 태양광인버터

Entry-level (HVW)

Connection boardIntegrated (LVS)

  • HVW
  • LVS

Product Characteristics

We have achieved the highest efficiency in Korea and applied world-class
 advanced protection technology and power quality management
 technology with Photovoltaic Inverter, which is the core element
 composing the photovoltaic power system, from the new energy industry
 in the Renewable Energy 3020 Implementation Plan.

Among those with the same capacity, our products are the most minimal
 in external size and weight, and we have applied the outer color of
 yellow/black, which symbolizes electrical safety.

Outdoor type (IP65)

Maximum efficiency 98%

Smallest size in Korea (W900*H590*D295mm)

Eco-friendly Consideration

The outside of the products are not manufactured with molded gold but
 with the sheet metal bending technique, in which a steel plate is bent.
 They are all eco-friendly products that do not produce the 6 major
 harmful substances (cadmium, lead, chrome, etc.).

Characteristics of the Form and Intention of the Design

As waterproof/dustproof grade is secured to make outdoor independent installation possible, it could be installed in any places such as outdoors, indoor offices,
 and parking lots without any restrictions.

As it is light weight, it can be hung on the wall, and has soft outer appearances and colors that could be harmonized with surroundings such as air conditioners,
 TVs, and other electric appliances.

The visual stability and operational conveniences of the users or managers are emphasized in the products by placing touch switches at the front and graphic LCDs.

We designed our products soft and smooth by finishing the outer appearances using curves in all corners to reduce resistance and prevent injuries for the users
 during transporting, installing, maintaining, and using the products.

The power cable, which could cause uneasiness, is connected to inside through the bottom of the product, and each cable is tied tightly so that it would not be
 shaken due to external shock.