Company that continuously R&D to secure global competitiveness
A company that contributes to human society as a social enterprise through human-centered management


    GLOBAL TOP LEADER of Power Conversion System of Renewable Energy, Energy Storage System and Power System

    Core competence - R & D and manufacturing enterprise of power conversion device with world class performance and quality


    Develops the best technology that secures global competitiveness , Provide rewarding and pleasant workplace for company members.


  • 용기&도전성

    courage and challenge

    spirit never to fear failure, preparing
    for the future to take chance of the
    rapidly changing environment and market.

  • 화살표
  • 끊임없는 개발 및 활동

    Continuous development
    and activities

    Through continuous R & D and innovation
    activities, we pursue customer satisfaction and
    provide the best products and services.

  • 화살표
  • 올바른 기업 문화

    Correct company culture

    Believe that the future of our company
    is the competence of our members and create
    a company culture of steady self-development and
    respect for talented people.