Photovoltaic connection board

Photovoltaic Connection Products

  • Communication type connection board

    접속반 통신 타입

    Check the abnormal value of each connection channel by digital value for
     each channel

    Transmitting voltage / current value for each channel through stable
     RS-485/422 communication

    Connection board 1 channel / MAX DC 1000V incoming
     (Capacity expansion possible for DC voltage)

  • Normal type connection board

    접속반 일반 타입

    Check for abnormalities by channel, through the LED on the internal
     M|B module instead of the front display.

    Connection board 1 channel / MAX DC 1000V incoming (Capacity
     expansion possible for DC voltage)

  • Inverter enclosure

    인버터 외함
  • Integrated AC distribution board, DC connection board

    일체형 AC 분전반, DC 접속반

    Multi connection board (3 circuits)

    멀티 접속반(3회로)
  • Connection board for house

    주택용 접속반
  • Weather research craft

    기상관측 박스
  • Connection Module(DY-M|B)

    The connection board's connecting module connects the power generated from the solar modules in parallel to make one, and the power generation status is displayed by LED on each channel.

    접속모듈 (DY-MIB)
  • Channel monitoring communication module(DY-5010)

    Channel monitoring communication module(DY-5010) of connection board enable to monitor the voltage and current generated by the connection module by channel(battery module group) (RS485/422 selectable)

    채널감시통신모듈 ( DY-5010 )