Power Measurement System for BEMS

This system improves efficiency of energy use by collecting and analyzing various information of energy management facilities in the building in real time.
It manages energy usage, facility operation status, indoor environment, and carbon emissions.
By using this system, an average energy saving of 5 ~ 15% can be achieved.

EKOS Multichannel Power Measurement System Products’ Features

It is a high-performance power meter and integrated management system for BEMS (Building Electricity Management System) that can save 5 ~ 10% more power than existing usage. It also allows multi-channel monitoring of the multiple branch line power of the distribution and load centers. (Patented technology applied)

  • 1. Basic and extended multi-channel
    power measurement system

    기본 및 확장형 다채널 전력계측 시스템

    Multi-channel power measuring device concept

    • Easy expansion between Master Module (18CH) and
       additional Slave Module (Max 36CH)
    • Application of digital integration technology and
       calibration and data processing technology to
       improve accuracy of current measurement
  • 2. Power measurement operation system

    전력계측 운용 시스템

    Apply RS485 & CAN

    • Data collection and operation(Reset, Calibration)
    • power measuring method