Description Contents Reference Note
Certificate Performance Certificate (UPS) 21-ABZ0375 (2021.08.03) Ministry of SMEs and Startups
LH New Technology(Product) certificate (Switchgear) 2021-Electric 2 (~2026.12.31) Korea Land & Housing Corporation
SSOC Market Innovation Technology Certificate (Switchgear) SOC-LH-2021-0135 (2021. 6.22) SSOC Council of Public Institutions
Designated as excellent product (Switchgear) Designation# 2020243 (2021. 3.22) Public Procurement Service
New disaster prevention technology designation (NeT, Switchgear Tech.) 2021-9(2021. 3. 4) Ministry of the Interior and Safety
Designated as excellent product (PVQMax system) Designation# 2020099 (2020.11.10) Public Procurement Service
Performance Certificate (Switchgear) 20-ABZ0438 (2020.10.07) Ministry of SMEs and Startups
Performance Certificate (PVQMax system) 20-ABZ0244 (2020.06.24) Ministry of SMEs and Startups
Selected as a priority purchase for excellent inventions (Seismic isolator-Switchgear) 2020-570 Korea Invention Promotion Association
New technology certificate (NeT, Leakage current reduction and DC voltage stabilization technology-inverter/solar power generation device) 1185 Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
Selected as a priority purchase for excellent inventions (PV system) 2019-1549 Korea Invention Promotion Association
Performance Certificate (PV system) No. 15-1274 Ministry of SMEs and Startups
Quality management system ISO9001 certification Q372512 ICR
Environmental management system ISO14001 certification E199012 ICR
Designated as excellent product (PVMax system) Designation# 2015167 Public Procurement Service
KS Certification (11kW ~ 100kW for medium and large size
solar inverters, total 11 types)
PV0417003 KEA
GD (Good Design) certification for energy storage ESS PCS 17DE140007 KIDP
Group standard certification (PV system) 2017-015 KEMC
Designated as a promising company to
enter overseas procurement (G-PASS company)
2017-142 Public Procurement Service
Patent Uninterruptible power supply with multi-harmonic filtering No.10-2230454 KIPO
Power conversion device equipped with line-type automatic fire extinguishing equipment
and fire extinguishing insulation tape
No.10-2120381 KIPO
Seismic response system and method of seismic isolating power converter No.10-2103509 KIPO
A seismic isolator for power converters with omnidirectional vibration damping function No.10-2077294 KIPO
Seismic isolator and seismic vibration protection system including same No.10-1976412 KIPO
3-phase 3-level power converter capable of controlling low-frequency common mode voltage
and DC midpoint current and method therefor
No.10-1928001 KIPO
Energy storage system including photovoltaic device
and operating method therefor
No.10-1875808 KIPO
PWM control method and device for making the DC side current
of 3-level converter constant
No.10-1836872 KIPO
PWM controller of 3-phase 3-level power inverter No.10-1826609 KIPO
Energy storage system with fault detection and fire prevention
monitoring due to aging
No.10-1822928 KIPO
Modular converter control system and control method
for energy storage device
No.10-1809913 KIPO
Expandable multi-channel power measurement device No.10-1523308 KIPO
A method of current control of a multilevel inverter No.10-1421017 KIPO
DC ground fault detection circuit of PV system No.10-1410508 KIPO
Design Azimuth control photovoltaic device Design# 2012-0042592 KIPO
Slope varying photovoltaic device Design# 2012-0044931 KIPO
Trade Mark PV Max system 45-0066471-0000 KIPO
ESS Max system 40-1250525-0000 KIPO