EKOS is leading the technology development and market pioneering of the Energy Storage System (ESS)
based on its years of accumulated power conversion and energy operation technology.
In the ESS field, we perform all works necessary for establishment, from consulting to system supply and building, and maintenance,
to emerge as a powerhouse in the ESS business through products we have developed using the world’s top level technology.
We will propose a new vision in the power industry and follow our value of putting our customers first.

ESS Features

Turn-Key : Our company does not only sell products, but also supplies the system. We establish the entire Energy Storage
 System (PCS, Battery, and PMS) using the Turn-Key method.

ESS Establishment
: We offer optimized solutions in establishing ESS through customized consulting for our clients based on top
 level technology and rich business experiences in Korea.

ESS A/S System : We are realizing a more satisfactory experience for customers by composing and assigning experts in ESS who
 can promptly respond to system stabilization and system failure.

ESS Classification

Our ESS can be applied depending on purposes such as Peak Shaving and Renewable Integration.

  • Peak Shaving

    Main Target Receptors, DR Businesses
    Usage Recharge during the hours when the cost is low and discharge when the cost is high to secure profits
    Reduce the peak by scattering the times of maximum power demands
    Benefits Receptors: Reduce the cost of using electric power
    System Operator: Resolve the concerns of power shortages during the peak time, and reduce the investment costs of constructing additional power plants
  • Renewable Integration

    Main Target Renewable Energy Owners
    Usage Supply power energy during the time of maximum power demands to secure profit for the increase of the REC weight
    Control the power supplying patterns of wind power and photovoltaic power
    Postpone increased investments into power transmission capacity in the power system
    Benefits Renewable Energy Development: Obtain additional profits by using the differences in REC weight after storing
    System Operator: Reduce the operation cost of entire system by adjusting the system unstability due to deterioration of power networks, and waste and lack of power during the transmission and supply of power