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EKOS develops and supplies the best solar power conversion system in the world. Furthermore, as an excellent procurement company of photovoltaic power generation facilities, we provide optimized consulting, construction and after-sales management for public design and solar power plant construction
As a leading company in the research and development of power conversion devices, EKOS develops and supplies solar inverters from the smallest capacity to the largest capacity in the world. In addition, we have accomplished various system construction such as public mandatory and MW-class RPS photovoltaic power plant from Green-house 3kW class, and realizing customer satisfaction through them.
EKOS will lead the trend of the market and present the future-oriented vision based on the R&D ability of the technology research institute composed of the core developers of advanced technology solutions in this field for many years.

In addition, we will provide products suitable for all power range and system scale through intelligent energy management for household use, integration of solar power system and connection with storage device for more efficient use of renewable energy. We are looking forward to your continued support and interest.

Thank you so much.

All employees of EKOS CO., Ltd.

  • Registered supplier of excellent procurement goods for PV system
  • of PPS
  • PPS Contractor (MAS) Solar Power Plant Contractor
  • Development and manufacture of solar inverter, connection board,
  • monitoring system
  • Development and manufacture of PCS for energy storage device
  • ESS
  • Development and manufacture of electric vehicle battery charging
  • / discharging power conversion device
  • Development and manufacture of power converter for fuel cell
  • Solar Inverter KS certified company
  • PV system standard certification company
  • ISO9001, 14001 certified company, Q-MARK designated company
  • GD (Good Design) certification