Registration of goods with excellent procurement
by PPS PVQMAX PV system


PVQMax Characteristic

태양광 특징

Multilevel high efficiency (maximum efficiency 98%) class PV power conversion

Maximize solar power conversion efficiency using the latest control algorithm

Ensure system stability by ground fault detection

Real-time fault monitoring of PV system: Array, inverter, connection panel Internal power components Rapid diagnosis and maintenance in case
 of failure

Prevent damage to main parts of inverter and connecting part from lightning and overvoltage and check by parts

The power conversion part (inverter and connection panel) secures the enclosure protection class (outdoor type) that can withstand external
 impact and moisture, so it can be installed outdoors without any facilities

Achieved minimum size in the same class in Korea (2/3 of the class, world class):Possible to attach structures and to secure competitiveness
 compared to existing products even when installing narrow independent electric room

Wide input voltage range ensuring ease of various serial / parallel design according to module capacity

PV Max Technical effect

PV Max 기술적 효과

Maximize power conversion efficiency and improve power
 quality by applying multi-level power conversion device and
 control algorithm that can reduce power conversion loss

Overcoming the limit of installation place

Reliability and stability through ground fault monitoring

Minimizing power generation reduction conditions using
 multistring technology

Present domestic standardization of self-diagnosis / control
 system and monitoring system to protect the integrated
 type of PV system and integrated ground fault system,
 which is similar to overseas superior systems.

Contributing to low carbon eco-friendly green growth such
 as improvement of PV system due to power generation due
 to power generation, ensuring system stability, reduction of
 initial investment cost, reduction of CO2, etc.

PV Max Economic effect

PV Max  경제적 효과

9.0% increase in power generation
The PV Max system compared to the conventional system can increase the power generation by more than 9% under the shading or general operating condition by string.

9.07% cost reduction
The PV Max system compared with the previous system uses multilevel power conversion technology and multistring technology, and integrates ground fault detection module to reduce cost by 9.07%.